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Our top line of SunSetter awnings

The SunSetter Motorized PRO and PRO XL models are our top of the line SunSetter Awnings, with Remote Control and an exclusive built-in front Weatherbreaker panel hidden in the front roller bar that can be unrolled up to 5 feet or anywhere in between. This discreet Weatherbreaker, blocks out up to 90% of sun and wind, but let’s in air and light. The Weatherbreaker operates with a simple hand crank (included). If you want the ultimate in shade, protection, ease of use, and included features, plus your choice of beautiful woven acrylic fabric, the SunSetter Motorized PRO or PRO XL is the model to choose.

Motorized Pro
Motorized Pro & Pro XL Awning Facts

5 year Limited Warranty

Optional 5-Year All Weather Limited Warranty This optional coverage goes above and beyond our standard 5-Year Limited Warranty to give you the utmost in worry-free peace of mind. It covers the awning frame for craftsmanship, plus wind and weather damage as well for a full 5 years. This 5-Year All-Weather Limited Warranty (the “All-WeatherWarranty”)

Motorized Pro
• Up to 10 ft. 2 in. projection.
• Woven acrylic fabric available on 8 to 20 ft. widths.

Motorized Pro XL
• 11 ft. 8 in. projection.
• Widths from 14 to 20 ft.
• Woven acrylic fabric only.

Height Needed
• Minimum height needed under overhangs for installation: 7 ft. 6 in.
• Use optional Roof Brackets when minimum height is not available.

Electricity Required
• Both the PRO and PRO XL have a standard 18 ft. plug-in cord, optional 24 ft. cord available.
• We strongly recommend a ground fault interrupter-style outdoor outlet.

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