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MooreShade4Less - Who we are
Who We Are
Who We Are

MooreShade4Less is a family owned business with over 13 years of awning sales and installation experience, we believe in SunSetter Retractable Awnings and have grown to become one of the largest Nationally Recognized Dealers.

MooreShade4Less believes in SunSetter products and we are proud to be associated with such a high-quality and dependable company. Our team of fully insured and passionate Awning Specialists believe in a strong commitment to giving you, our customers, the best quality and service available. MooreShade4Less employs only top-of-the-line experts who reflect our commitment to providing the best possible product and service to our customers. With over 10,000 satisfied SunSetter Retractable Awning customers across the US, we assure you that your experience with us will be exceptional.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out all the models and styles we have to offer. Or check out what our thousands of satisfied customers have to say.

Become a proud owner today and begin the years of enjoyment you will get from a professionally installed SunSetter Retractable Awning.

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Who We Are
Why SunSetter Awnings?

SunSetter Awnings continues to rank as America's number one selling
Retractable Patio awning, because:

Sunsetter Awnings protect you & your family from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Awnings help block the hot sun before it can penetrate your windows or sliding glass doors, cooling your home and cutting your air conditioning bills and energy usage to a great extent.

Sunsetter Awnings are dependable, aesthetically pleasing and made from top quality materials to ensure you get years of comfort from your retractable awning.

MooreShade4Less offers a wide variety of options and styles.

See what our customers have to say!
Marlow Anderson called SunSetter saying that they had a good experience with Bill, their local dealer. He explained the product well, was pleasant and did not rush the customer.
See what our customers have to say!
Janice called SunSetter to tell us that she had a good experience with MooreShade4Less.
See what our customers have to say!
Catherine called in to say what an awesome experience she had with Dave from MooreShade4Less. She also stated that she will be buying one in October.
See what our customers have to say!
John called SunSetter saying that his experience with the dealer was good, he was very happy and actually bought one, and he can't wait to get it.
See what our customers have to say!
Patricia called SunSetter saying that she had a good experience with her Awning Specialist, a man named Brian.
See what our customers have to say!
Mr. Aguirre needed a replacement fabric installed on his awning. He said that the installers did a great job and he is satisfied with his awning.
See what our customers have to say!
Yes the Awning Specialist came last Saturday and did a good job expanding everything to us. We are waiting on homeowner association to respond to our request.
See what our customers have to say!
I am so impressed with the customer service of this company. Yes, your dealer called me promptly and came out promptly. Awning Specialist is personable and knowledgeable. Looking forward to our new awning.
See what our customers have to say!
MooreShade4Less responded promptly. I was very pleased. I have ordered the awning and hope to have it installed within a month or so. Thanks very much.
See what our customers have to say!
Doris Harris emailed SunSetter: "I was very pleased with the dealer. He explained each step and was patient in answering my questions. Your dealer gets an A+ from me.
See what our customers have to say!
Emma called SunSetter expressing her good experience with MooreShade4Less.
See what our customers have to say!
He mentioned that he put in for information for another dealer near him and was contacted by his local MooreShade4Less quite promptly. He was impressed with the promptness, professionalism and customer service, and looks forward to working with the dealer for any of his SunSetter needs.
See what our customers have to say!
"I was visited by a representative yesterday Tuesday June 18th. My husband and I were very satisfied with the visit. We need time to think things over and are extremely busy at this time due to a seasonal business we run. So we will be making a decision after the 4th of July, hopefully by July 8. This is a product we are very interested in getting and I am hoping the offer that was extended to us will still be available at that time."
See what our customers have to say!
Ronald Hale called SunSetter saying that his dealer was very helpful, very informative, and a good lady.
See what our customers have to say!
"I was visited by Paciotti Builders, and MooreShade4Less, David to be specific, very professional; planning to put one up soon."
See what our customers have to say!
"We contacted this dealer and was very pleased that they agreed to come to our home for a free estimate. Tom Caso arrived on time and surveyed our trailer and add-on room where we wanted to install the Sunsetter awning. He quickly determined that he could not install the awning on our trailer add-on room because of its flimsy construction of aluminum. The overhang of the roof would not have borne the weight of the awning and would have torn off immediately. The walls of the room are also of aluminum and have no studs into which the awning could be fastened. He declined our order. We appreciate the honesty of this dealer in refusing to accept our order. We would recommend him highly to anyone seeking a competent dealer/installer."
See what our customers have to say!
Pat and Tim Krempecki emailed SunSetter on March 13: "We met with Kelsey this afternoon. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and we purchased a Sunsetter Awning. We are very excited and can’t wait to have it installed. Thank you for asking."
See what our customers have to say!
"Edward Kurtenbach called SunSetter saying Martin from MooreShade4Less was very pleasant to deal with and is a very nice guy."
See what our customers have to say!
"Dena Jacobs called SunSetter saying that the installer was on time, very nice, and presented himself very professionally. She stated that she was very impressed with the installer and that SunSetter is very reliable, but she is not ready to place an order at this time."
See what our customers have to say!
"I know Sunsetter is a good quality company. The salesman and installers were all very good. They hire a good team and they’re very good at what they do. The awning is beige and its installation went very well. It's very good so far."
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Who We Are
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