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Patio Cover Raleigh

Patio Cover Raleigh MooreShades4Less is an authorized dealer of SunSetter patio cover Raleigh products. We have motorized and non-motorized patio covers and awnings that are available and ready to be installed. Visit our website to see the complete range of patio covers that we have for sale. We can handle the installation, too.  

There are many simple things you can do to keep from going crazy from the heat—and the huge electric bill—during the summer. Investing in cooling your home is one of the key tips to beating the summer heat. Sometimes putting up blinds to cover up your windows is not enough to keep the heat from coming inside your house. This can even cause your electric bill to spike up if you have your air-conditioning. To solve the problem permanently, you can put up awnings and patio cover New Orleans.
Inside the house, you need to keep the air moving, so turn on electric fans and ceiling fans. It’s always wise to have your house checked for any cracks or leaks where the heat can enter or the cold can escape. Having your appliances checked regularly is a good idea, too. You should properly maintain your air-conditioner to drive down your energy costs. Make sure to regularly clean out the filter and hire professionals to check out other components of the unit. Lastly, consider installing a cover for your patio. Did you know that doing so can lower the temperature inside your house by as much as 20 degrees? 
Mooreshade4less.com offers patio cover New Orleans. We also offer different models of awnings, from motorized ones to freestanding. Check out our gallery to see what kind of fabrics you would like on your awning to match your home. Aside from keeping your home cool and stylish, awnings can also protect you from UVB and UVA rays.
If you are interested in getting your own awning, fill up our message form here at mooreshade4less.com. We can even give you a free in-home estimate for awnings, book your schedule at 1-866-49-SHADE.
Patio Cover Raleigh

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