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SunSetter EasyShades ® are the Better, Smarter Way to Shade Your Home…
These innovative solar screens block the sun outside, before it can heat up your home. Here’s why they are the best choice when you want privacy, shade, and breeze protection…

Once hot sunlight goes through your windows and glass doors, it’s too late — the heat is already inside! That’s why EasyShades are so much more effective than interior blinds or shades. EasyShades give you better, cooler shade, without taking up space inside your home. They save energy, help lower air conditioning bills, and help keep your furniture and carpets from fading in the sun.

Perfect for sliders, porches, pergolas, and windows, these beautiful, easy-to-use, durable vinyl mesh screens block 90% of sun, wind, and mist yet let in soft, filtered light and air. EasyShades allow you to enjoy the view without the sun’s harsh glare.
EasyShades roll up perfectly straight every time - no tangles, no uneven slats like interior blinds. With the included Remote Control, the Solar-Powered and Motorized models can even be operated from inside your house, so they are ideal for upper story windows. And since they are mounted on the outside of your home, they don’t take up any inside wall space, leaving you with a clean, uncluttered look, and more room for drapes and other interior design ideas.

These durable solar shades require no maintenance, and stay on your home all year. They retract smoothly into their protective aluminum housing when you want to enjoy the sun. Installs easily with simple tools.

5-Year Limited Warranty.

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